God's Word for today

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Not unravelling, just unwinding

One of the joys of having a long period of leave after what has been a rather arduous year is that there is time to unwind, then time to wind oneself up again (this time, in a good way).  So things have been a bit quiet for the past few weeks, and are likely to be quiet for a little while longer.

Good news though is that I managed to pass another semester at seminary - just one more to go, then the anticipation of where we will be sent at the beginning of 2012.  Not too long until I can get cracking with some "real" ministry!  Can't wait!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Another semester ... another 9 subjects down ... another set of results

Although last Friday was the "official" end of the year at the Seminary, in reality it has only come to an end today with the receipt of our academic transcripts.  I'm glad to say that, with God's help, the results have been good.  Only another 6 months now to complete the BTh, then its onto the PhD.  Talk about being a sucker for punishment!

PS: I wonder if one's brain can REALLY explode? :-)