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Monday, 17 August 2009

Things starting to fall into place

In a previous post I reported that I needed to find a place in a school for my son for 2010. This process has been made a bit awkward by the uncertainty surrounding where I am going next year, and as a result I've had to obtain provisional places for him in both Pietermaritzburg and in Uitenhage.

Late last week Pelham Senior Primary School in Pietermaritzburg contacted me to inform me that they are reserving a place for James in 2010. Today it was the turn of Muir College in Uitenhage - while his place in the school for next year has not been confirmed, he had his interview with the Head of Department: Primary Phase today, and it's looking good that they'll have a spot for James as well.

A further letter concerning options for stationing in 2010, as requested by EMMU, was also sent through by my Bishop today, so now it's down to the decision of the EMMU Working Committee, their recommendation to the Connexional Executive, and then the final decision by Conference towards the end of September.

With places in schools confirmed for both Pietermaritzburg (where the Seminary is located) and Uitenhage (where I am currently stationed, and amd hoping - for a variety of reasons - to remain next year), watch the Church throw me a curve-ball and send me to Cape Town next year! (hee hee :-)

And so the journey (and the waiting) continues...

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Neill said...

Don't tempt fate. The powers that be might just take you up on that one about Cape Town.