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Thursday, 24 December 2009

"Guess what we get to do today?"

In one of my favourite movies, "The Rookie", starring Dennis Quaid as a science teacher in his late 30s who gets a second shot at playing professional baseball, there is a memorable scene whereby amidst all the hardship, minimal recognition, and low wages while he "pays his dues" in the minor leagues, he is reminded of the greatness of the game and why he loves it so much - so much so that he says to one of his fellow players: "Guess what we get to do today? We get to play baseball!"

As ministers (especially Phase Ones) we often feel the same way, facing similar struggles to those of Quaid's character. But let us be reminded - especially at Christmas - what it's all about: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour!

So to all those ministers out there in churches across the world: "Guess what we get to do today? We get to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!"

Halleluyah! Praise be to God!

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