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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Eish! Time flies when you're having fun...

The runours of my blog's demise are greatly exaggerated (to paraphrase Mark Twain), but my absence has been caused by (a) extreme busyness at SMMS, and (b) hitting my data cap.

On the latter front, I delayed purchasing additional data on account of me having access to the wireless network at the new campus, but although this permits me to download e-mail, the Internet access is limited with certain restrictions being put in place, which include a block on access to any social network sites (including Facebook and Blogger).

The net result is that I haven't been able to blog for some time.  But now that I've reloaded my private data acccount, I'll be able to inflict my random thoughts on the suffering world once again.  Much has been happening, but I just need some time to gather my thoughts and put pen to paper (or is that finger to keyboard?).  As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said (in Terminator, I think it was?) ... "I'll be baack!"

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Anonymous said...

You've been missed.