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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Load shedding blues

Like many fellow bloggers, I too have had to suffer the inconvenience of load-shedding of late. Thankfully the battery on my trusty Dell laptop tends to just about last the 2 hours that we are without power, while my wife has virtually stripped our caravan in the quest for appliances that do not rely on Eskom so that my family and I can remain "full Gospel preachers" in a physical sense.

These ongoing power interruptions are a stark reminder of how our ever-increasing hunger for power-consuming toys has contributed to the current shortages. We all need to take responsibility in trying to save power wherever we can, while big business also needs to come to the party - those tall buildings with their lights ablaze 24 hours per day cannot POSSIBLY be full of people nose-down at their desks, hard at work, at 10 o'clock on a Saturday night!

But it also helps to keep our sense of humour, as shown by this letter sent to me recently that is (apparently) from Eskom management...

Just a little note to let you know we understand your anger in the recent price hike and power interruptions. But it should be noted that you have no choice. We are a big company and you will pay what we tell you. You have no choice. We HAVE the power, you NEED the power. So sad, too bad. Sucks to be you. We have enclosed a little picture to help outline our response. Have a nice day and keep those cheques coming, losers!!! Regards, ESKOM.

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