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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My name is Jones ... James Jones

Since Revs Bishop / Rev & Rev Bishop / oh, rhubarb - Michael and Kym have already published 124,687 photos of their son James on their blog, and I have not got ONE up yet, here are a couple of my son and heir, buddy extroadinaire, and the apple of my eye.

This is James (on the left), with his best friend Cameron. (Photographs can be SO deceiving, as Cameron is actually nearly six inches TALLER than James!)

This is James on his "father's yacht", otherwise known as the bath. Normally you can't see his face, because it is usually buried behind a book - one of his dad's bad habits he's picked up (train the child in the way he should go...). However, I could probably get locked up for many years for being in possession of THIS picture! Sies, man! And they let YOU into the ministry?!

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