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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

On the move!

Well, it's time - two weeks left, and then I'm off to Uitenhage. I don't know how Paul felt when embarking on his first missionary journey, but I can imagine that what he felt and what I am feeling right now must be fairly similar.

This past Sunday we had Rev Brian Smith leading the service at St Andrews. Brian has been journeying with our leadership for some months, providing valuable training that will empower them to take the congregation forward, as Brian puts it, "from where you are now to where God wants you to be".

However, Brian's next words were in the form of a question to the congregation: "Do you think that this leadership is capable of taking you from where you are now to where God wants you to be?" Before the congregation could answer, Brian replied to his own question thus: "Probably not".

Before an impromptu lynch mob couuld be assembled, Brian went on to explain himself: "In our own strength, we do not have the capacity to lead anyone around the block. And the realisation thereof is scary. But just as Moses was confronted by that which gives shepherds the most fear of all - fire, so God speaks to us through our deepest fears. God does not need to call those who are equipped, because God equippes those who are called".

As I embark on the start of my personal "missionary journey" towards becoming a Methodist minister, I pray that as God has called me, so God will equip me as well. Lord, I REALLY need equipping, as I am so incapable of taking Your people from where they are now to where You want them to be...


Fat Prophet said...

I hope that's not a picture of the furniture van you will be using for your move.
Seriously you are in our prayers as you step out into this new ministry>

Jenny Hillebrand said...

When do you need to be in Uitenhague? Merilyn and I both only need to be in our churches in the new year!
Do you know where Christine is going?
Go well when you go!

Steven Jones said...

Hi Jenny

It's a bit of a bizarre situation - my first "official" service is on 4 January 2009, but the removal truck is coming for my stuff on 1 December 2008! Thankfully the flat that I'm going to be living in will be available from then.

We'll be driving down on the 8th (2 services on the 7th, then leaving at 4am the next day - yee hah!), with my family coming back to JHB early in the new year. (I have housesitters over the Christmas period, so criminals, don't try and get clever!)

I'm going down to Uitenhage this weekend for a visit, and hopefully I can arrange for someone from the local congregation to just chuck my stuff into the flat when it arrives on the 5th (four days from JHB to Uitenhage - the mind boggles!) until I get there on the 8th. Thankfully the flat is furnished so it's only a steel cupboard (for my books), my scooter (!), and a spare bed (fold-up) for when the family comes down to visit.

Christine is going to the Algoa Circuit in PE, and as she is on a similarly bizarre removal schedule, she'll probably also be spending Christmas at the coast!

I suggest that you and Merilyn give Phillip Serwalo a ring to find out what's happening with your move - you may be going a lot sooner than you think!

PS - I know you are going to Shaw Memorial in Grahamstown, but where is Merilyn going?

PPS - Can you imagine all of us in the same District? Start praying for the PE Phase One centre now!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Merilyn is going to Attridgeville in Pretoria - but so far has no accomodation. She phoned Philip and her stuff is going on the 7th. I'm not taking any furniture and my family and I will drive down in two cars so that will handle books and stuff. We're leaving 1/1/2009, with one kid away on camp - it's all going to feel odd. But God is good!