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Saturday, 3 January 2009

2009 Lectionary


As promised towards the end of last year, I am once again making the Lectionary available in a 2-page format. If you have one of those fancy photocopiers that can do back-to-back, you can have the full year's lectionary on one page - far more convenient than lugging a ?Yearbook around with you.

Speaking of which, I haven't received my 2009 Yearbook as yet (I'm not sure whether they are available or not - they could well have already been posted out, bit I'll only know next week when our Church office re-opens). I have based this one on the Revised Common Lectionary, which the MCSA follows. However, there may be one or two minor changes, which I will check once the new Yearbook is out. In the meantime this one may be of use to ministers and Local Preachers in preparing their sermons for the next few weeks.

I can however guarantee that January is correct, since it was taken from the 2008 Yearbook! (hee hee)

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