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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Weird science!

Those "80s Babies" reading this blog will probably remember the movie "Weird Science", in which a group of nerds feed a strange concoction into an even stranger machine, press a few buttons, and out pops an unbelievably stunning-looking Kelly le Brock!

Us Phase Ones have been performing some "Weird Science" of our own in our respective kitchens, especially those of us who are currently living on our own. Jenny Hillebrand, for example, has been eating some rather strange combinations, such as fishcakes and Lemon Creams. I'd like to know how you serve those, Jen - do you prise the Lemon Creams apart and sandwich the fish cake in between, or do you just plonk the fish cake on top? If the former, does the "lemony bit" go above or below the fish cake? However, before I get too smug about this, I must confess though that I've also been feeling a bit guilty about similarly strange eating habits - ProNutro and Rice Krispies for supper, with jelly for afters, was one of my finer moments - so I decided to start cooking "proper" meals for myself.

Last weekend I tried one of those "boil in the bag" fish fillets. I think that I needed to do it a bit longer, since the fish was a bit cold in the middle and the cheese sauce was rather yucky. The veggies, on the other hand, were a roaring success except for the fact that I haven't quite got the hang of packing portions for one, which meant that I prepared enough broccoli and sweetcorn to make the entire Sunday School class hate me for the rest of the year!

So on Monday night I thought I'd be a little less adventurous, and did a creditable job with spaghetti Bolognaise. However, once again I overcatered, but this was not a train-smash since I could have the rest as "left-overs" on Wednesday night after College. However, the dear ladies who look after our nutritional needs at College decided to make spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch on Wednesday, in such generous portions that Part 2 of my own version had to stay over until Thursday.

Friday night I switched to chicken, but stuck with the "tried and tested" by once again having pasta - this time, lasagne. (I'm getting more like Garfield each day, in more ways than one!) However, it's not possible to make lasagne for one, so I decided to invite Hanno Prinsloo over for supper. Since he is working night shift this week, I figured that he'd be fairly hungry before he goes to work, but despite a valiant attempt by the two of us, I still have enough lasagne to see me through to Monday night!

I think that next week at College, I'm going to eat only yoghurt...

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Jenny Hillebrand said...

Well, I'll be watching you on the yohurt, but somehow I don't believe you! Fishcakes and lemon creams are eaten with the fingers while sitting in front of the computer!