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Thursday, 22 October 2009

40 Days!

Well, I'm back! After having recovered from the disaster of having my laptop swiped, resulting in being buried under assignments to be re-done, not to mention an exam to contend with, I've finally got through to the other side with everything submitted.

And I wanted to write something profound for my first post after this blogging hiatus, but when I opened my blog's home page, I saw that it is "40 Days" until I see my family again. Being one who has a wild musical imagination, I could immediately hear Cliff Richard (sorry, Belinda - SIR Cliff Richard) singing "40 Days" in the back of my mind.

Seeing as my wife would have probably wanted to marry Sir Cliff had he been available (he wasn't, so she settled for me instead), I thought this YouTube clip would be quite fitting. Enjoy it, Babe - I'll be home soon.

(Now I'm off to have a good cry...)

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