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Sunday, 30 May 2010

James does me proud on the rugby field - again!

My son James is really getting into the swing of things with his new-found sporting love, rugby.

I do however, have some concerns with a masochistic tendency that is starting to creep in!  Lately he has been keeping a "tally count" of injuries, with his new "personal best" being 11 bruises, 3 abrasions, and a cut on his finger (courtesy of a misapplied stud in the scrum).  His latest "thing" is that, win or lose, if he comes home covered with dirt and sporting a new bruise, he's had a good day!

Anyway, I had another proud moment yesterday when he played his first game as a newly-promoted member of the Pelham 4th team (having started in the 6th team a mere two months ago) against St Charles' College in Scottsville.  Not only did the Pelham team win with a thumping 67-0 (James remarked that he's been in lower-scoring cricket matches!), but James was tackled a mere one metre short of what would have been his first try.

The best part of all was watching both the manner in which the side played as a team, as well as the sportsmanlike spirit that prevailed.  Any dad would have been extremely proud of their sons yesterday - I know my chest was bursting with pride for James!

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