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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

E-mail spam

Today I received yet another e-mail claiming that I have won the UK Lottery for the umpteenth time, added to this all the mails inviting me to claim my prize in the US Sweepstakes and any number of European lotteries.

Cash falling from heaven?  Not likely...
If such prize winnings were in fact genuine (doubtful, since the first rule for any hope of Lotto winnings is that you actually need to purchase a ticket - which I haven't), I would probably by now have been able to single-handedly pay for the building of the entire Seminary, as well as eliminate all forms of Connexional and District assessments forever.

The sad thing is that these idiots persist in sending me (and, no doubt, millions of others) this junk because many people fall into their trap, which is to obtain banking details and/or advance "processing fees".  Needless to day, the victims never see a brass farthing of any Lotto winnings, and in many cases are left with their bank accounts cleaned out.

So if I can say this simply, and slowly: If you receive ANY e-mail from someone you dont know, claiming that you have won a prize in a competition that you KNOW you did not enter, DELETE IT ON SIGHT!!!

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