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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

PhD - still percolating...

Some of my blog readers may be wondering what has happened to all my talk about doing a PhD (then again, most of my blog readers may, for all I know, not give a rat's proverbial, lest I get delusions of grandeur!).

Well, the latest news is that it is still on the radar screen.  You may recall that I had a bit of a setback last year when it was virtually "all systems go" for me to register, except for a not-so-small matter of a legislative provision prohibiting me from simultaneously being registered for two accredited qualifications.  But (Lord willing) I only have a further 4 1/2 months to go to complete my BTh, which means that I will then be free to register for the PhD.

In the meantime, I am trying to get the skeleton of my proposal on track, and this is proving to be a big ask.  I'd like to write the definitive thesis on theology and economics.  However, PhD's don't work like that.  They don't want you to say a little about a lot of things; instead you need to be able to say a lot about a little (if that makes sense to you, then please explain it to me!).

The process is therefore to take this massively wide subject, and narrow it down to something a bit more bite-sized.  A huge thanks to Jon-Mark Olivier, who is willing to meet with me each Monday afternoon to help guide me through his minefield - there's nothing like a bit of external discipline and accountability to keep one focused!

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