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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hotazel? I thought I lived in Pietermaritzburg!

Yesterday we went through to the Wartburg Kirchdorf School about 32 kilometres east of Pietermaritzburg in order to hand in application forms for James for 2012.  This is one of our options for next year, at least until we get some indication of where we are to be sent by the Methodist Church.

It was quite a pleasant drive, made all the more pleasant by the really efficient air-con in my truck.  The Chinese have however put some interesting gizmos into what is a fairly entry-level vehicle, which includes inside and outside temperature guages.  And as we were almost back home in Sleepy Hollow, I glanced at the temperature, noting with shock and horror that while inside was a fairly pleasant 21, outside it was 43 degrees!

Small wonder that we spent the afternoon crashed out on the couch, too tired and too hot to do anything more than raise a cheer as our Proteas pulled off a stunning win over India in the cricket World Cup.  But as for the one commentator's remark about the sides "really feeling the heat out there", my response is that they should come to Pietermaritzburg - the heat really gets going here!

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