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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


It's been anticipation and apprehension this week as we received first news of where we have been pencilled in for stationing in 2012.  And while we have been given the usual warnings, disclaimers, "things could change", "subject to confirmation by Conference", terms and conditions apply, E & O E, we are a licenced financial services provider, winners know where to stop, etc. warnings and admonitions, at this stage things are looking exciting for me, both in terms of ministry as well as on the personal / family front.

More news to follow...

(Postscript to my previous post: I see that the masthead on the ANCYL's webpage has been changed, with all references to a R16 million home being removed.  I wonder if someone had hacked their website over the weekend?  Either way, regardless of the hype, accusations and counter-accusations by Malema and media alike, that's sure one seriously fancy pad the self-proclaimed "champion of the poor" is building!)

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