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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Death by administration

I arrived at the Church office this morning to find my desk looking like a bomb had hit it. It seems that Bill (my Superintendent) has a ruthlessly efficient "clear desk policy", and in the execution of his personal war on paper, some of the shrapnel flew my way.

Then we had a Circuit staff meeting, which was very good in that Bill opened with devotions and prayer, followed by a personal "conversation on the work of God" which included an enquiry concerning our personal spiritual state, adherence to a discipline of personal devotion and prayer, etc. before we got to the business of the Circuit. I am so grateful that I have a Superintendent that has his priorities right, in that our spirituality needs to be right for us to be effective ministers in the Circuit.

But then we got into the business, and a morning in which I thought I could catch up on the tasks given to me last week turned into an orgy of new tasks to be completed!

I have managed to wade through most of it, including getting my diary up to date with all the new stuff (meetings, visits, etc.). My secretary is however NOT going to be happy with the wad of filing I've sent her way, though...

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