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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Reflections on this morning's devotions

For my daily devotions, I make use of a "One Year Bible". These come in various shapes and forms, and the one I have splits the entire Bible into daily readings from the Old and New Testaments as well as Psalms and Proverbs. They appear in the order found in conventional Bibles, and are divided up in such a way as to read through the entire Bible in a year.

This morning I was challenged by the passage from Mark 8: 14-21, where the disciples were grumbling over the fact that they had not brought along any bread. In this particular account, Jesus rebukes the disciples, citing two examples where He had supernaturally supplied food to eat.

His statement in verse 21, "Do you still not understand", was rebuking not only the disciples but me as well. For there have been many steps along the ministry journy where our Lord has shown me His hand in a real and tangible way. Yet there are still many areas in my life where I don't trust Him.

Lord Jesus, forgive me for my lack of faith. Help me, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, to fret less and to trust more. Even though it seems that no-one is in control, I thank You, Lord, that You are always in control. Let whatever path the ministry takes me in be in Your perfect will, and allow me to rest in You along that path.

Now if only I could get to grips with all that legislation in Leviticus...

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