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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Reflecting on the "call to preach"

At College today, and as is normal on a Tuesday, we had a Communion service.

Each week two people are designated to conduct the service: one to do the sermon, and the other as "duty steward" which involves setting everything out as well as to do the rest of the service (including prayers, readings, hymns, etc).

Today it was my turn as duty steward, and after the service I was once again in a heightened state of euphoria, as I tend to be every time I take any part in leading a service. It's a sense that there is nothing on God's great earth that I would rather be doing than having the privilege of preaching His Gospel.

To think that at the Candidates' Screening Committee last year, I couldn't articulate a clear call to preach. What was I thinking?!

And what about now? Did I do the right thing in turning down a job offer with a salary package of around the R700k per annum mark late last year, in favour of entering the ministry where the pay is ... a lot less? You betcha!

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