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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dear Mr Youth Pastor, please may I strangle one of your leaders?

After the morning service at John Street this past Sunday, Annie, one of the Sunday School teachers, came up to me with great enthusiasm, wanting to discuss the possibility of having an all-age worship. Given that I was in the throes of greeting the departing congregants at the door, I asked her to make an appointment with me to discuss it in more detail.

An appointment was duly set for 10:00 this morning.

However, something obviously must have come up, for she sent me an SMS on my 'phone, indicating that she would not be able to make it. No problem with that - in fact, that is good stewardship. But at 04:12 this morning? Annie, Annie, Annie - I commend you greatly if you were up praying at that unearthly hour, but some of us believe, as the Apostle Paul said, that we must "put the flesh under" - in this case under the duvet!

I thought of responding to you there and then, but any response that I would have tried to SMS at 04:15 with only one eye partly open would have stood a good chance of being an inappropriate one. So I'll look at rescheduling our appointment later on today, when (hopefully) I've dislodged the woolly, fuzzy sensation from my brain.

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bugs said...

lol, that sounds so familiar!Thanks for sharing ;)