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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Also washing feet ...

The title of this post is in response to a post over on Jenny's blog, in which she deals with her current context's version of the traditional Tenebrae, or foot-washing, service.

Last night at Emmanuel I had a brief chat with the Society Stewards concerning the order of proceedings this evening. Because (much to my discomfort) there is a bit of a "hierarchy" within the local Church, I felt that in order to emphasise the illustration of servanthood given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, I would wash the feet of the stewards first, then together we would wash the feet of the congregation.

My message will be on the two things that Jesus instituted around the time of the Last Supper - the act and example of servanthood in washing the feet of the disciples, and the ultimate act of servanthood and sacrifice as the first Communion was held - a precursor to the broken body and shed blood that Jesus would suffer, which we need to remember not only when we come to the Lord's Table but at all times in our Christian walk.

I really honestly believe that if we are willing to submit to God and to one another with a servant heart, God will use us mightily for the sake of the Kingdom. Please pray for this service.

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