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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Presenting Jesus in a different way

On Easter Sunday we had a sunrise service in Uitenhage, held at the Cannon Hill Memorial. It was a wonderful, if somewhat sparsely attended service - funny how the duvet seems to cling to most people a bit harder than for some!

It was a service that no-one could really ignore, what with the Salvation Army worship team leading. The "wakey-wakey" fanfare blasted out on the trumpet as the sun was rising was a reminder to the world that we need to be awakened to the fact that Jesus has risen - He is risen indeed!

A sad part for me was the condition of the memorial itself. Like many such structures nowadays, it has been vandalised somewhat, with a few columns missing from the balustrade surrounding the observation deck. Still, it provided a wonderful view of Uitenhage at dawn.

It also provided another interesting view, as pictured above. It seems that the observation deck is also a place where some of the locals go for a drink or two (three, six?). This is probably quite hazardous, but then again, the stairs are fairly narrow so I suppose that a drunk person would fall down the stairs in a reasonably "controlled" manner. And with this in mind, some intrepid evangelist placed this picture of Jesus strategically under the empty beer cans.

Given that many of the most spectacular conversions to Jesus that I have seen have been among drunk people - most of whom have never touched booze again once they've been filled with a different kind of Spirit - this is probably a most effective way to spread the Gospel. Please pray that those who venture up to the observation deck will see this picture, and be touched by the love of Christ.

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