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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dipping my toe into the Open Source water

I've decided to start exploring (excuse the WinDoze pun) the scary world of Open Source software, starting with Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

So far, it's beeyootiful! It seems to open pages a lot faster, the way it handles downloads is stunning, and you actually get OPTIONS when it comes to installing add-ons.

I like it!


Fat Prophet said...

I've been using firefox for ages and find it much better. I've recently downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails and am equally impressed with it.

michael said...

Welcome aboard! Now for Thunderbird, Scribus, Inkscape, the GIMP, Audacity, Opensong etc (and if you're really brave, dumping Windows altogether for Linux...)


McGyver said...

Welcome aboard!
I was almost "forced" to go this route when I bought my new laptop, because of limited day trial software.
Well... all I can say is "Thanks MS for providing limited day trial software - 'cause I found something much better!"

I'm in agreement with the other comments on this post. Just got to get Thunderbird to fly properly first.