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Friday, 26 June 2009

Captain Tupperware is off to Mozambique!

I have been afforded the amazing privilege of being invited to be part of a team to embark on a mission to Mozambique. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to the folks at Uitenhage Methodist Church for not only inviting me to be part of the team, but also to make it financially possible through their many and generous donations.

Among many things they have given me is a new name: "Captain Tupperware". The name comes from a reference that I made to my dog-collar in a service one day, something along the lines of "I'm nothing special just because I wear a piece of Tupperware around my neck - if the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords could get down in the dirt and wash His disciples' stinking feet, I have no excuse not to be a servant". From there, the name stuck!

We leave today, so this blog will be quiet for the next two weeks. There will be some updates as we go along on http://mission.uitenhage-methodist.co.za, so check regularly for news. There's a somewhat, shall we say, "interesting" photo on that site of what I would look like with shoulder-length hair. Not particularly flattering, but better than what Dig Dug (aka Chris) would look like with a brush-cut!

Naturally there'll be LOTS of news when we get back, not only on the official site but on this blog as well!

Please pray for us, that God will use us mightily as His instruments.

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