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Friday, 5 June 2009

Feedback on "Milk"

In a previous post I spoke about the feeling of unease about a third session at College dealing with same-sex relationships, this time in the form of being taken to see the film "Milk".

However, despite my misgivings, although still with lingering questions as to what kind of "agenda" the facilitator may be trying to advance, the film itself was actually worthwhile seeing. It covers the story of Harvey Milk, a gay man who unwittingly became an activist for gay rights in the United States as a result of discrimination and harassment that he and other gay people had experienced. Sean Penn gave a masterful performance in the title role.

What struck me was the naked bigotry that many people showed, including those from the Church, and regardless of what one's feelings may be concerning the whole same-sex issue, surely any Christian can see that such bigotry and hatred cannot be in harmony with Christian principles.

There were one or two scenes that made me uncomfortable - the sight of two men locked in passionate embrace, for instance, tends to make me feel a little queasy. Thankfully the film didn't go overboard in portraying actual sex scenes. Then again, there are expressions of intimacy that that heterosexual couples share - my wife and I included - that I wouldn't particularly want to watch as a third party, either!

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record - the journey continues...

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