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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Economics, maps, faith, and ecology

This is the title of a recent post over on Dion Forster's blog. Well, actually, it's main title is "Please Don't Click This Link", which (human nature being what it is), we all immediately click, don't we!

Since the economy, financial management, and stewardship is something I want to do a doctorate on some day, I found the maps representing physical land mass, distribution of wealth, presence of Christians, and HIV prevalence particulary interesting (and sobering).

This quote from Dion's post also provides food for thought: "[I]f we spent just 10% (190bn US$) of the annual world budget for military expenditure (1235bn US$) we could BOTH restore the earth's natural resources (cleaning up our water, replanting trees, creating environmentally friendly and more sustainable energy source), AND meet the basic water, sanitation, education and health care needs of the whole world! Just 10%..."

It's not about resources, but priorities - and we as Christians have much to answer for.

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