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Friday, 15 January 2010

Oh, this just has Dion and Wessel written all over it!

Because of my involvement with Moneyweb writing tax articles, I receive a weekly e-mail that gives a run-down of what's happening in the media world. This particular article (an invite to participate in a competition to win a Vespa) just screamed "Dion" and "Wessel" at me.

I trust the good Doctors will rise to the challenge?

Make a movie, take home a Vespa

Who says fame and fortune is overrated? Good-looking people herding after you, free stuff and a mention in the closing credits, sounds flipping fantastic. And you can get a free Vespa, fame and fortune with the Vespa Takeone Video Challenge.

Creative peeps all over Mzanzi are charging up their video cameras and deciding on their best camera "side" to show off their moving-making skills to the rest of South Africa. All it takes is a bit of creativity, a couple of willing extras and Vespaverde to make a two minute video about the classic style icon, Vespa.

What is Vespaverde? Verde means ‘green’ in Italian and there’s a lotta green to Vespa: saving greenbacks on petrol; lowering carbon dioxide emissions; green for go - decreasing traffic congestion; making your peers green with envy; and always the green light with the simple twist and go. There’s never been a better, or sexier, time to go green.

The best news is the winner of the competition will scoot away on a stylish Vespa LX 150. Take note, monthly winners will also be selected by the Vespa panel and rewarded with Vespa hampers consisting of authentic Vespa paraphenalia.

Winning is easy, just like commuting on a Vespa. Enlist a few buddies, make an awesome Vespa video, then submit the video on www.vespatakeone.co.za, making sure you’ve read the rules. Then, get your best friend, colleagues, aunties and gran to vote for it. The most creative video with the most votes will win.

When not in Rome, use animation. Remember, this competition is all about creativity, so don’t worry if you don't have a Vespa. Who says an aubergine with bottle caps can’t look like a Vespa? We do, so we’ll leave the imagination part up to you.

What are you waiting for? Get movie-making. Visit www.vespatakeone.co.za to check out your competition, deadlines and more info about Vespaverde.

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