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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wrestling with doctrine

I had a few minutes spare after lunch today while Belinda has gone to fetch James from school, so I thought I'd catch up with one or two blogs that I haven't read for some time.

And what a joy to read PamBG's (*) post of the same name as this one - it is a timely reminder, with all the debate around various issues at the moment, that we grow not by changing things for the sake of it, but by engaging and wrestling with them.

The full post can be read by clicking here, and I encourage you to read it in full, but the following extract nicely sums up what I believe to be a healthy approach to doctrine:

"I think the Church and her officers are called to pass on the creeds faithfully from generation to generation. And we are also given the grace to wrestle with our own doubts and interpretations and we are asked to be gracious unto others as they wrestle."

(* Pam is a Methodist minister from Britain who is now based in the United States).

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