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Friday, 22 January 2010

Some fun on Friday

Here's a song for all you corporate slaves out there... (My prayers are with you - I also used to be one)

The Friday Song by John Berks
(Tune: My Way by Frank Sinatra)

And now, the weekend is here
It’s been hard work – I’m weak and tired
My boss is really weird, is such a jerk
That geek should be fired
I’ve worked a day that’s full
I’ve travelled slow, on a crowded highway
But yes – it feels so good
It’s finally Friday

For what is a job, what is a career?
Five days a week, twelve months a year
At 5 o’clock, the whistle blows
The drinks will pour, the door will close
And you will cheer, I’m outta here
It’s finally Friday!

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