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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Oh dear - the Audi's been crashed!

When I started Phase One at the beginning of 2009, I noticed that the two ministers in the Circuit both drove Audis, and I was beginning to feel a bit left out!  My son, the ever-sensitive one, decided to buy me one for Christmas.  Of course, his financial wherewithal is somewhat less than that of the ministers concerned, so the "Audi" James bought me was a set of four glasses with the Audi logo embossed thereon.

This has, of course, added some new terminology to the Jones family lexicon, because whenever we drink something out of these particular glasses, we speak of "taking the Audi for a drive".

Unfortunately, this morning the inevitable happened - my wife Belinda was sorting out the dirty dishes from last night, and in the process "crashed the Audi"...

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You put perspective in my day.