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Thursday, 29 April 2010

A special birthday for a very special lady

Gosh - so much for wanting an early night.  In between trying to get yet another assignment finished, and preparing some stuff for the men's breakfast at Prestbury on Saturday, I'm once again breaking my cardinal rule: Never go to bed on the same day you intend getting up again!

But in 30 minutes' time it will be a special day indeed - a very special lady in my life reaches an important milestone, that entering the ranks of the "Naughty Forties".  However, in case you think I've just managed to truncate my life expectancy, Belinda doesn't mind me telling people her age - in fact, considering that she wasn't expected to live much beyond her 6th birthday due to leukaemia, turning 40 is, for her, a celebration of God's grace in sustaining her for all these years, having been given the "all clear" from her doctors some 20 years ago.

So to my "Proverbs 31" wife, may this day be one of particular blessing, and I thank God for allowing me to share just over half of those 40 years with you.

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