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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

PhD - light at the end of the tunnel?

After last week's setback I was beginning to feel a little dispondent about my prospects of getting into a PhD programme next year.  The problem is two-fold - my proposed research topic (critique of economic systems through the lens of the Gospel) fits nicely into the School of Theology, but my Masters is in Financial Management.  Trouble is, on the Commerce side the topic fits more into Economics rather than Finance, and the people I spoke at UKZN to last week felt that it's too much of a jump from Economics I to doctoral studies!

However, I had a further meeting with the deputy head of the School of Economics at UKZN yesterday, and he seemed quite enthusiastic at the prospect of me carrying out this research.  Granted, so were the others, but in this case he was asking probing questions and taking copious notes.  The meeting ended with a commitment on his side to discuss the matter with the heads of both the School of Economics and the School of Religion and Theology, as well as with members of the Higher Degrees Committee.

In short, he indicated his commitment to somehow find a suitable home for my research topic where my current academic background meets the criteria for PhD study.  So there's light at the end of the tunnel ... for the moment.

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