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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Reflections on the Phase One college

It seems just like the other day that we started at the Phase One college, and already we are into our third week!

For those who are familiar with the set-up in Port Elizabeth, there have been a couple of changes this year, notably that the college itself has been moved from Newton Park to North End. The need for vigilance in security has been emphasised, as well as having been warned that many of the ladies wandering around the area are the kind of female company that gets paid by the hour...

As far as my fellow Phase One's are concerned, one is naturally wary when a number of people from different backgrounds are suddenly thrust together in close proximity. Thankfully the 11 of us get on like a house on fire, and we've already worked out who the "characters" are. The group dynamics are excellent and it looks like (so far) everyone is willing to pull their weight.

Our accommodation is rudimentary but reasonably comfortable. After all, what more does one really need than a clean bed to put your head down at night? However, the shower arrangements are, shall we say, "character-building" since at the moment there is only one, which is in the ladies. With 8 males and 3 females, the ablutions need to be carried out with miliary precision, times as though it were an air traffic control tower. We have however been told that construction of a second shower (hopefully in the gents!) will commence this week, which should ease a bit of pressure.

On the other hand, the food is excellent - TOO good in fact, as a bit of increased tightness around my waistline is reminding me. The two ladies given the mammoth task of keeping 11 hungry mouths fed are doing an admirable job and have become like surrogate mothers to us. We are so grateful, not only for the food we receive, but the loving care with which it is prepared.

Our lectures are a little slow in getting out of the blocks, largely because our material has taken some time to arrive. However, a rather large package was heaved onto the main table in the hall this morning, and we are now ready to rumble! In the meantime, the sessions that we have had have been both intellectually stimulating as well as providing tine for reflection.

I have been doing my daily devotions using a One Year Bible, and it was quite apt that today's reading from Psalms was Psalm 23: "The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need..." Indeed!

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bugs said...

Glad to hear things are going well! enjoy every moment of the journey.

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