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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A good day at the (academic) office

Yesterday was a good day academically.

First I received one of my assignments back (which, I must confess, I was a bit concerned about), and received 77.5% for it. Since I've always regarded the first assignment as a way of establishing what the examiner is looking for, this is a gratifying start indeed!

Then it was the turn of my exegesis script (an assignment that we as probationer ministers submit to the Church to assess our skills in interpreting passages of Scripture). I must confess that my skills still need a LOT of honing (judging by the 52%), but at least for purposes of examination, it was a pass. The oral examination seemed to go a lot better, with the examiner twice asking me why I hadn't included points that I had raised in my script. In hindsight, I think I consulted too many commentaries when preparing the written part of the assignment! Anyway, although we will only get our final marks at Synod, we were informed that we all passed the oral, so that's another notch to carve on the academic belt.

Finally (and by no means least) my son James, who is in Grade 5, has weighed in with a stunning school report for his first term. I was really concerned as to the possible impact my absence would have on his academic performance, but in between making the Under 11 "A" cricket side and advancing from Cubs up to Scouts, he also put in a sterling performance with 4 As and 2 Bs. Well done, James - you make your Dad SO proud!

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Fat Prophet said...

Well done to you and James. I am marking Local Preacher Study Material at the moment and it always interests me to see the way folk deal with exegesis and it seems people either get it and do very well or don't and hover around the pass mark.
When I did my studies my tutor and I disagreed greatly on this topic and I was really glad when the system changed and the tutor didn't have to mark my exegesis.
Keep up the good work (Both of you)