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Sunday, 3 May 2009

New blog: "Reading as Discipline"

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, once stated that "if a preacher does not read, that preacher shall not preach". If ever one needed good motivation to read, this surely must be it!

I'm actually quite fortunate in that reading has been one of my pleasures in life since I was three years old. In fact, no matter how late I end up going to bed, I cannot sleep unless I've read SOMETHING, even if only a page. However, absorbing what I read is another matter, and I must confess that in some cases I'm better at this than others.

My colleague Jenny and I have therefore come to a point where we need a bit more of a "helping hand" when it comes to keeping discipline with our reading. This includes not only regular Bible reading and required reading prescribed for our studies, but also reading Christian and other literature in general.

I suggested starting a blog for this purpose, that others can contribute to as well, and being a lady of action, Jenny has done just that! So why not pop over to Reading as Discipline and have a look what reading material we are filling our heads with.

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