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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Got me a red shirt, now I'm in trouble (I think...)

It will be my birthday this month, and seeing as my Mom will be back in Joburg by then, she decided to give me my birthday present early - a lovely red short-sleeved clergy shirt. I was initially a bit apprehensive, since Bishops wear a distinctive colour. However, the ladies at the Upper Room bookshop in Port Elizabeth, where we purchased the shirt, assured me that the colour that Bishops wear is a distinctly purple colour, even showing me a sample to reassure me.

So when my Superintendent greeted me at the door after church this morning with the words, "Good morning, Bishop", I got that distinct feeling in my gut that here comes trouble. Hopefully the wide grin on his face was an indication that he was pulling my leg, but us Phase Ones tend to be a little insecure about these things...

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