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Friday, 13 November 2009

And then this...

Just as I've been on a high in terms of where I am in my ministry journey at the moment, I arrive at the offices this morning to the news that about eight of the roofing sheets that belonged to a carport that we are busy moving, were stolen. The result was that we had to put the remaining sheets into storage - the first time I've ever put a roof "in" a garage, rather than "on" it.

Sadly, it seems that as the soup kitchen has gained momentum, we've been hit by a massive upsurge in criminal activity. First Dr Gqubule's offices were broken into (twice), with books and computer equipment stolen. Then there was the theft of my laptop, wallet, and Bible from the offices two months back. This was followed by an impromptu swim one morning as we arrived to fountains of water gushing out of the pipes left behind because some cretin swiped the tap, and now this story with the roof.

And the temptation is that as we identify with the farmer in the parable of the sower, so we consider the possiblity of ceasing to sow. Wondering if the soup kitchen is worthwhile, given the attendant rise in crime. And that we must never do. For the one thing that we learn from this parable is that despite some seed falling into thorns; some falling on rocky ground; and some being stolen from the pathway (apt analogy), the farmer did not stop sowing.

Imagine if Jesus decided that we had let Him down one too many times, and decided to stop sowing into our lives? That He will NEVER do - and nor should we stop sowing into the lives of others, even though it may seem that our seed is going astray.

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