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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Another "last" ...

This afternoon was another of my "lasts" in Uitenhage - this time, my final service at Rosa Munch House, one of the old age homes we conduct services. So I decided to make it a bit special, blowing a sizeable portion of my stipend on eats so that we could have a bit of a party during tea - after we had shared a meal of a more memorable kind, being that of Holy Communion

Often seen as a "tame" congregation for Phase Ones to cut their teeth on, this instution and others like this is home to people who have been members of various congregations for many years. Such folk formed the backbone of their respective churches for many years, and my attitude towards these services has been that these folk were there for the Church in their prime years; now the Church needs to be there for them.

That's not to say, however, that these people are "down and out" by any means. One resident - Mr Chapman, whom we all know as "Chappie" - is 92 years young and this past weekend became senior club champion of the Uitenhage Bowls Club! With his bright eyes and erect stance, I fully expect him to be well into his stride as the magic "ton" comes up!

I've always had an affinity for older people (and for babies, strangely enough - it's those in between that are more of a challenge!), and it didn't take long this year before I started getting teased about my "harem of octogenarians". Certainly I will have fond memories of them, and they will be sorely missed!

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