God's Word for today

Friday, 27 November 2009

Another academic year is over

Thank you, Lord, for carrying me through what has (at times) been a difficult year on the academic front. This morning I received the happy news that I'd passed all my subjects for 2009!

Final marks were:
- A Christian Response to HIV/AIDS - 90%
- Wrestling with Faith - 60%
- Journeying in Faith - 70%
- Proclaiming the Faith - 85%

Granted, not as good as my son's 6 As and 1 B, but I'm pleased nonetheless!


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Well done! It's good to know that you can let go for a bit! I hope I've passed mine. Don't know what will happen if I haven't.

Steven Jones said...

"Don't know what will happen if I haven't." Is this the same Jenny who has just completed her Masters? Don't stress - you've passed! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind of that! But because (like me) you HAVE to know for sure, why not give TEE a call just to put your mind at rest?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Ah, Steven. You have known me a year and yet you know me so little. But I did find out and I did pass. Thanks for the alert.

Steven Jones said...

See? I was RIGHT! Congrats.