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Monday, 2 November 2009

My love/hate relationship with computers

I'm quite amazed just how involved it is to set up a new computer.

It's a bit like moving house in many ways - when you move in, you start off with this empty shell. But just like moving house, there's a lot more to it than just plonking down your furniture. Often you find that not everything fits the way it did in the old place.

So it is with my new PC. The main issue is that it came with Windows Vista, not XP. Now Vista has some nice features and gadgets - once you find them, that is! Everything is in a different place, and I'm finding that while some tasks are easier than under XP, others are a lot more complicated (like synchronising two drives for instance).

The other problem is that I have an old piece of software that just won't work on Vista. There are no patches to download, either. The only solution was to partition te drive and allocate a portion to run this program only. It's not a train-smash, except that none of the Acer drivers are on the partitioned drive (dum-dum Jones didn't create an XP recovery disk first), so I've had to download them from the Acer website. Some work, others need a bit more persuasion.

While computers have completely revolutionised the way that I live and work - I couldn't for instance, imagine doing assignments without one - they also come with their own stresses. The joys of modern living...

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