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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Ahh... isn't she beautiful?

For all those Vespa fans out there - this is what cheapskates like me use to get from A to B. It's a Vuka XL110, and I get around 140-150km on a tank of fuel (3.5 litres). It costs me around R27 to fill, even after the latest fuel price increases.
Unfortunately it's not very fast - I can get about 80km/h if I really wind it, and its engine size prevents me from going on freeways (although can you imagine doing 80 on a Gauteng freeway? Yikes!), but given that I will be on a Phase One stipend next year, it's the one way that I can get around to doing my ministry work without breaking the bank.
And the best thing of all about this bike - it's paid for!
I'd obviously like something a little more powerful at some stage - Suzuki make a stunning 400cc scooter (and a 650 as well, but that's a bit too big for my liking). Or perhaps Dion and Wessel will try to get me to "see the light" and look at a Vespa. But that'll have to wait for a couple of years...

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