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Sunday, 17 February 2008

When does life begin?

As a fairly new ministry candidate, I need to formulate a position on various issues should I ever be questioned on such by a congregant.

One such issue that often raises controversy is the question of "when does life begin". So I asked a few ministers around our Circuit for their views in this regard, and these are some of the answers that I received:

Young male minister
Well, the answer to that question is quite obvious. When the baby emerges from its mother's womb, and cries its first cry - that's when life begins.

Young female minister
Oh, these men! They know nothing about babies! But then again, what can one expect when we are the one's who have to endure nine months of pregnancy. The correct answer is of course at conception - at the point when the sperm fertilises the egg, that's when life begins.

Supernumerary (retired) minister
Ah, the innocence of youth... pity they have it all wrong. Listen to the voice of experience, my son. When the kids have left home, the dog has died, the endowment policy has paid out, and you have dispensation from attending Circuit Quarterly Meetings and Synod, that's when life begins!

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