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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Communications overload!

I arrived in my office this morning, having not checked my e-mail since Saturday night. Now I can hear the cries from those who harbour a stronger addiction to technology than me: Shock, horror - how can you be such a Philistine barbarian and not read e-mail for two whole days? You horrid sinner, you!

But I had good reason for neglecting to minister to my trusty Dell for all this time.

Sunday included me taking a service at St Andrews, followed by my attendance at an induction service of four ministers and one deacon into our Circuit. Then a quick bite to eat with my family, and thereafter an afternoon spent at a Pastoral Commission (forgive me, Lord, for I must have sinned greatly to be called to serve on these commissions...).

Yesterday was the Screening Committee interviews to test my theological knowledge and call to the ministry, as part of the process towards becoming a Methodist minister. I must say that it was quite tough, and I am still trying to gather my thoughts around what was an extremely stressful day!

So the result this morning was that when I clicked on the icon for Microsoft Outlook, all the lights in our area dimmed as 117 e-mails came thudding into my inbox. As soon as I have managed to wade through them all, I'll write something more detailed about yesterday's events at Jabavu.

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