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Sunday, 17 February 2008

RIP Myrtle Vespa (??? - 15 Feb 2008)

I was greeted on Friday with the news of Dion Forster's unfortunate coming together with a 4x4 while riding home on his beloved Vespa. Yet another justification for those gas-guzzler's to be banned...

Dion is in hospital, and according to the latest entry on his blog, he is recovering in hospital from a broken leg and a few other scrapes and bruises. He'll be fine, but sadly "Myrtle" (as his scooter is affectionately known) is no more.

Now I only know Dion through his blog, having finally had the pleasure of meeting him at our candidate screening last Monday, but the one thing that I have managed to learn about him is that he LOVES gadgets.

So since you can't keep a good man down, and Dion will no doubt be looking for another Vespa at some stage (after an appropriate period of mourning, of course), I thought that this particular model would be quite a fitting replacement, especially since his Apple Mac does not seem to bounce too well either!

Modded Vespa rocks touchscreen, XP, and WiFi

Are you ever cruising on your Vespa, listening to The Kinks, pondering the plot of Absolute Beginners, and fantasizing about Twiggy when you think, "Hey, I need to check my email"? Well, you're in luck, because Quang Nguyen, a forward thinking Vespa-modder (no pun intended) has managed to cram a touchscreen rockin', WiFi sportin', XP-equipped PC into his red GTS250.

Sure, he's also got a Louis Vuitton seat, but that isn't nearly as exciting as the prospect of being able to watch Quadrophenia and update your MySpace profile from any spot you happen to motor towards. Just make sure to watch out for the Rockers.

Get well soon, Dion - our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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