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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ashamed to be male

Today I'm having one of those days where I feel like I want to line up against a wall every male (these AREN'T men!) who has ever made a girl pregnant and then disappeared, and systematically drive my knee into each one's crotch at high velocity!

Now I know that this sort of behaviour would not be considered very "minister-like" or Christian, but when the overwhelming majority of the 63 children I will have baptised by the time this year is over don't have dads, one can get quite angry!

Yes, I've heard all the debates and arguments about the whole sex-before-marriage "thing", and have been involved in a few myself. My own views on this have been documented elsewhere on this blog. But irrespective of whether you consider pre-marital sex to be acceptable or not, one of the things that must surely get up any right-thinking Christian's nose is that some male cretin whose (limited) brains are located in his genitals can get his rocks off with a girl, profeess to "love" her, even, and as soon as he strips his reverse gear, *poof* - he's outta here! And these are so-called "Christian" guys I'm talking about, here! For crying out loud - where's any sense of responsibility, man?

Certainly I've seen enough situations during this year of ministry that make me feel deeply ashamed to be male!

Okay, okay, I know I'm generalising. That it takes two to tango, that is true. That some girls sadly do behave like sluts and open their legs to anything with a penis - that is also true. But at risk of making another generalised statement, it's probably also true that many young ladies believe that the man of their life truly DOES love them, and will stick with them through thick and thin. There's a word for that - it's called marriage vows!

Either way, when are we as a Church going to wake up? While we spend endless hours debating the ins and outs of same-sex relationships (and I'm not suggesting that this issue is unimportant), we are giving absolutely NO spiritual guidance to the 95% of us that are heterosexual. Are we saying (by our silence) that our youngsters can have sex together, the girl falls pregnant, the guy disappears leaving her with the baby, never contributing a brass farthing to the child's upkeep, and we're okay with this? God help us all!

So here are a couple of my own suggestions:

1. The promotion of the Biblical ideal of abstinence outside marriage and fidelity within marriage should be made mandatory in our Sunday School and Confirmation curricula.

2. Sound teaching on our responsibilities in life needs to be emphasised throughout the Church. I'm getting fed up of hearing only about "rights"!

3. We need to be up to speed with the legal duty of support that BOTH parents have towards their children. I would LOVE to get a group of lawyers together who will sue the pants off those swines that couldn't give a damn about their kids!


Jenny Hillebrand said...

I do agree with you Steven. We need to get to grips with a problem that we are scared of because we know that the concept of one sex partner for life is going to be pretty unpopular. And that doesn't mean that there is no scope for forgiveness for sexual activity before becoming a Christian or for divorce. But it is a recognition of a social problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

That's exactly what a minister should sound like. The crook in the shepherd’s hand isn’t meant for tickling.

In Christ,