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Friday, 27 March 2009

Help! I have a crisis!

I'm sitting with a problem of cataclysmic proportions! It's 2 days to the Australian Grand Prix, and I haven't found ANYONE in the congregation yet who meets the following criteria:
1. Subscribes to DStv
2. Enjoys Formula One
3. Does NOT support Ferrari!

I mean - what's a minister supposed to DO in this situation? I'm beginning to have serious doubts as to the state of salvation of these Philistine barbarians who follow (gasp!) the red cars. Especially when we KNOW that THIS is the man who will (once again) be champion in 2009!

While on the subject of Formula One, you've gotta admit that this video clip is seriously cool! Note the red "1" proudly displayed on the nose of the car.

Go, Lewis, go - give me reason to ring the bell at St George's on Sunday!

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