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Monday, 30 March 2009

Oh, rhubarb! (But all's well that ends well...)

Well, my worst fears were confirmed yesterday - the CD that I painstakingly compiled on Saturday would not play on Despatch's sound system, so it was hymns a capella. Thankfully they were well-known hymns which the congregation joined in with enthusiasm - even Baden, who accused me of calling his congregation names, was singing lustily.

I did nothing of the sort, Herr Deacon - I was simply expressing fears of a repeat of what happened at Phase One college a few weeks back, when I selected hymns that NOBODY knew and ended up doing a solo! Your folks, on the other hand, did themselves proud!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of sharing with your congregation, and being brave enough to subject them to the "appie"...

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McGyver said...

Just an idea for next time...
Try asking whether anyone has a DVD player which you can test your discs on... then when it works, ask if you can borrow it to make sure you're not left in the electronic lurch!
The Mission team has such, and would gladly let you make use of it. We'll even help you make sure it all works right!

You're doing great Steven - keep going. I'm convinced you're picking up momentum.