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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Let's talk about sex!

Well, I'm back from my state of internetless as I plug into the lifeline that is our Church's ADSL connection. iBurst collected their modem today - good riddance. Hopefully I'll have got my new data package sorted out pretty soon.

The title of this post will probably quadruple this blog's hit rate, but please, no offers for cut-rate Viagra - with my wife being 1000km away, all it's going to do is make it VERY uncomfortable to ride my bicycle!

So why a post about sex? Especially from someone who has felt like a eunuch since mid-January? It was sparked by a post on Pete Grassouw's site, where he talks about a rather, shall we say, "unique" method of sermon preparation. I applaud his bravery, not only in being bold enough to want to address the issue of pornography, but in the manner in which he has researched it. No doubt we fellow bloggers will hear what final form his sermon will take this coming Sunday, but maybe there's someone in Pete's congregation who is waging a battle of note against pornography addiction, and God will use Pete's message to set that person free.

Having walked that road - even for a short period - Pete will really be able to identify with that person or persons, and minister to them in a way that those of us who have not been as brave probably could not do.

Now I don't for one minute believe that Pete is advocating that we all indulge in vice in order to make our sermons more real. But this particular experiment of his reminds me so much about the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. I've probably mentioned this before, but one of the things that attracts me to Christianity (and keeps me serving Christ) is the fact that there is not a single thing that Jesus expects us to do where He hasn't shown us the way Himself. I always say that if the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords can get down in the dirt and wash His disciples' stinking feet, what's our excuse for not wanting to be servants to God and to our congregations?

But what also strikes me is that Jesus faced a number of temptations - just like us - and yet did not sin. The amazing part is not so much that Jesus did not sin (although that's pretty amazing in itself), but the fact that, as a human being, He faced all sorts of trials that we as human beings face. In our own strength we cannot overcome a single one, but in Christ's strength we can overcome them all!

So I am praying earnestly that Pete will be used by God in a mighty and powerful way in hiongregation this Sunday. And I'm praying just as fervently that once the sermon has been delivered, he'll be able to "switch off" from his research.

(There's no picture accompanying this post - I'm too scared to Google "picture sex" or "picture porn" because of what I might find!)

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