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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Please pray for my cycling partners

Uitenhage Methodists Church's "real" cyclists (as against so-called wannabees who do 160km on a Saturday, followed by a 12km run then a 3 km swim just to cool down - sorry, 'Iron Man' Ian) are taking a bit of strain at the moment, both physically and spiritually.

Neville pulled up short this morning, complaining of stomach cramps and feeling a bit pukey. Hanno (who is driving back from Bloemfontein today) is in a really difficult place, and needs a few good friends around him right now. As for me, I'm actually doing okay, apart from a slightly sore bum and the occasional bout of "snot en trane" as I think of my family, so far away.

Please pray that the "full Gospel" cyclists of UMC will get back to full steam very soon.

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McGyver said...

I'm so glad the post reads "full Gospel" cyclists, and not "full Steam cyclists".

We're slowly building up steam, gently ironing out the creases and rust... and heading towards lean, mean cycling men - men our wives can be proud of!

Who am I kidding?

No one actually. With the sort of friendship & commeraderie that we have in the group I can see us achieving much - especially in the way of encouraging one another to new heights (or is that hills?).