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Friday, 27 March 2009

Phase Ones going through the wars...

There have been a few of us Phase Ones who have been suffering colds over the past few weeks, but this past Wednesday made the sniffles pale into insignificance as Shirley took a tumble in the shower.

It was rather a nasty fall, and at one stage we feared that her leg might be broken. We are thankful to God that this was not the case, but a trip to hospital and numerous X-rays confirmed that she had banged her back quite badly.

Her Superintendent wanted her to stay at the College overnight so that he could collect her the next day. (Alice, her home Circuit, is quite some distance from the College in Port Elizabeth - about 210 km, in fact, according to website globefeed.com). However, Shirley was in no frame of mind to negotiate - she just wanted to go home - now!

Our prayers are with you Shirley, and we pray that your back will mend soon - the Phase One choir needs its soprano back!

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