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Sunday, 8 March 2009

My Learning Partnership team is now in place!

Today was a great achievement, in that I have managed to get the last member onto the Learning Partnership. For those who don't speak Phase One lingo, a LP is (no, not a 12" piece of vinyl containing music, Neville) a team of people who journey with the Phase One, supervising him/her in a number of tasks that need to be completed - all within the framework of the four Mission Imperatives.

The LP will be given an orientation in PE this coming Saturday; thereafter they will be required to meet about once a month to monitor the Phase One's progress.

My particular team is quite formiddable, with my Superintendent (32 years in the ministry), a Circuit Steward (who is also a psychiatrist), a Local Preacher (on full plan since 1985, when I was still sweet 16), our Youth Pastor, and a Society Steward who has been involved with hospital visitation since the Rinderpest plague! Compare this to my 27 month's experience in preaching (not to mention a mere 9 weeks' experience in full-time ministry), and you'll appreciate this wealth of experience that I so desperately need.

Exciting times ahead!

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